Frequently Asked Questions & Answers on WSMI


How do I get a WSMI Institute in my district?

WSMI has been very fortunate to have multiple schools/districts express interest in hosting an Institute.

If you are interested in hosting a WSMI institute please send an e-mail to

Please keep in mind the following requirements in order to be a host site.

  • Building access from 7:00 A.M.–5:00 P.M. each day and Sunday afternoon for set-up.
  • Up to 10 classrooms and an additional room for the WSMI headquarters, and an area for lunch.
  • Adult tables and chairs in each classroom.
  • Internet access in each room.
  • Projection systems/ Interactive whiteboards in each room.
  • Document cameras in each room.
  • Access to a copy machine for occasional use. 
  • Air conditioning in all rooms. 
Location and access are also critical components in our selection process. It is important to select locations throughout the state in order to make the programming available to as many participants as possible. 


Where can I get a copy of the standards?

The standards are available for free download from the Common Core State Standards Initiative website - and from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction at

Participants in the WSMI Institutes receive complementary bound copies of the CCSS for Mathematics.


Will there be new modules offered next year?

An evaluation is underway to determine the priority of need, availability of writers, editors, and reviewers. We hope to continue to develop courses based on need and the Progressions as released. Currently, there are eleven courses, they are:

Grades K–2, Operations and Algebraic Thinking

Grades K–2, Number and Operations in Base 10

Grades 3–5, Operations and Algebraic Thinking

Grades 3–5, Number and Operations – Fractions

Grades 3-6, Geometric Shape and Measurement

Grades 6–8, Ratios and Proportional Relationships

Grades 6–8, Expressions and Equations

Grades 6–8, Statistics

Grades 7-12, Geometry

Grades 9–12, Statistics and Probability for All High School Mathematics Teachers

Grades 8–12, Algebra and Functions with Modeling


I want WSMI training for my whole school/district.  Is that possible?

Yes! The Brookhill Institute of Mathematics now offers district specific professional development. Our Mathematics Program Specialists design professional development days to meet the needs of the teachers in your district. Options include half days, full days, several days in a row or scattered throughout the year. We require 1 facilitator for every 20-30 teachers. Please contact Alyssa Holly ( for more information. 


What other kinds of professional development does WSMI offer?

The Brookhill Institute of Mathematics offers a wide variety of mathematics professional development opportunities. From district specific professional development and coaching to 1 and 2 day content workshops we have something for everyone involved in the teaching and learning of mathematics. Please visit our upcoming workshops to learn more. For more information about district specific professional development opportunities please contact Alyssa Holly ( 


Can I receive graduate credit for attending a WSMI Institute?

All 2017 WSMI Summer Institute courses will be available for graduate or undergraduate credit through our partnership with the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Visit our course credit page to learn more. 



Additional questions may be submitted to