District Action Plan Worksheet

How to develop your Action Plan

The Action Plan is a working document set forth to create a pathway for implementation of identified goal(s).  It is not intended to be a one-time Action Plan, but a working tool.  It is expected that when stated goals are achieved or blocked that a new or revised goal is developed to keep the desirable impact of your work moving forward.  It will often require reworking with ‘next step’ ideas and thinking.


Step 1:  Every team member should share one or two key ideas they have learned this week with their colleagues.  Team Leaders should listen for a common theme.  (Possible themes:  rigor of the content standards, progression of the content standards through the grades, visual representations, Standards for Mathematical Practice, Standards’ vocabulary such as subitizing, unit fractions, rate, modeling)

Step 2:  As a team, agree upon a common theme.  Develop an action plan and set goal(s) based on the common theme.  Discuss one or more of the following questions. 

  • How will the goal(s) increase the understanding or knowledge of district colleagues?
  • How will the goal(s) impact the teaching and learning of students?
  • How will the goal(s) support the implementation of the Standards?

Step 3:  Develop the action steps to accomplish the Plan.

  • Determine the steps that need to happen in order to achieve the goal(s).
  • Consider the background knowledge and experiences of colleagues.
  • Use collaborative structures that are already in place to facilitate the implementation such as weekly/monthly grade level meetings, content area meetings, or PLCs.  

Step 4:  State the person(s) responsible, who is involved, and the timeline.  Each team member should have a role.           

Step 5:  List necessary resources.  Resources might include team members, copy of the Standards and/or Progression Documents, meeting time, financial resources, classroom materials, etc.

Step 6:  Identify potential obstacles to achieving the action plan.  Once known/expected, teams can begin to strategize how to deal with the obstacles.

Step 7: Be sure to include your district administrators in the planning and implementation.


Note:  The goal(s) and action steps should be based on the leadership of the team.  Both parts should be achievable without the need of an outside presenter. 


Download the District Action Plan