Professional Development

WSMI has two professional development goals for K12 teachers. First is to deepen the mathematical content knowledge and second is to develop leadership capacity.

Goal 1: To deepen mathematical content knowledge.

Nine content courses have been developed by WSMI to date.  Each 30 hour course is designed to provide in-depth learning and exploration of a single domain or conceptual category of the CCSSM.  Incorporated with the content are the Standards for Mathematical Practice.  The courses are interactive, model best practices, and provide a learning community for teachers as students.  Participants have the opportunity to experience learning from the student lens with the support of highly qualified facilitators.  The courses closely follow the standards (both content and practice) and incorporate the study of the supporting Progression documents for the given domain.  Two graduate credits have been approved for these modules. It is anticipated that over time, courses will be developed for every domain or conceptual category of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics.  The links to left provide course descriptions for the grade level shown.

Goal 2:  To develop leadership capacity.

WSMI supports the development of district selected team leaders by offering 4 additional days of professional development during the academic year. Three of the days focus on highly respected and current leadership resources developed in the era of the CCSSM. The fourth day, in partnership with the Wisconsin Mathematics Council (WMC), team leaders participate in the annual WMC pre-conference leadership workshop at Green Lake.